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Board of Directors and Members of Iran Tour Operators Association Visited Kazaj Village  

Board of Directors and some members of Iran Tour Operators Association visited Kazaj village for its tourism potentials in the presence of the  director general of Ardebil Cultural Heritage Organization and some tourism experts.    

Located on the foot of a mountain, Kazaj village enjoys a magnificent and intact nature including beautiful gardens and Qizil Uzan river flowing through it. In addition, the traditional architecture of the houses,  the historical background of the village and the variety of handicrafts (jajim-weaving, basket-weaving, rope-weaving, etc.) makes it a tourism destination in Ardebil province.

Farming and gardening are the villagers' main jobs. Grapes, walnuts, blackberries, berries, mulberries , pears and apples are the crops widely grown by Kazaj villagers.

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