ITB 2021


Message from the President of ITOA on the occasion of ITB 2021

Iran Tour Operators Association (ITOA) is proudly representing the country stand of Iran and its professional Tour Operator members as the co-exhibitors present at this year's ITB Berlin NOW Exhibition. This is the 26th year that members of ITOA participate in the exhibition.

ITOA was formed towards the end of the year 1995.It seeks to improve the quality of services for inbound and outbound tourism. We contribute to the development of the travel and tourism industry through a variety of activities including disseminating information and promoting the development of businesses, encouraging cooperation among members and legislation that will benefit the membership and the industry at large.

ITOA also tries to maintain high standards of trading practice for the benefit of its Members, the travel industry at large, and the consumers that they serve, and to create as favorable a business climate at possible for our Members.

These members are bound by ITOA’s constitution and code of conduct, which promotes integrity and security in dealing with an ITOA Member and provides the consumer with protection and peace of mind. All of our members carry the ITOA logo, which means choice, value, and high levels of service. The mark of ITOA is one that our members wear proudly.

ITOA hope the coronavirus outbreak end and our life and business get back to normal as soon as possible. It is clear the current situation of shutting down large parts of tourism industry is not sustainable in long-term. We believe that will be able to get on with our works.

Good luck!

Ebrahim Pourfaraj

President of Iranian Tour Operators Association (ITOA)


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