Iran National Pavilion in China


Establishment of Iran National Pavilion in China

 Iran National Pavilion in Shanghai Free trade Zone, China establish.

Iran Tour Operators Association voiced its opinions about the establishment of Iran National Pavilion in China, in a meeting with Chinese economic and media board held at the invitation of marketing and publicity director general of Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization on 5 March 2017 aiming to discuss the methods for a mutual cooperation in tourism.

The Chinese board too emphasized the potentials of Iran and China regarding the Silk Road, reconsidering the tourism relations of the two countries, the importance of history and culture of the two nations, and also the positive effects of the establishment of Iran National Pavilion in Shanghai.

Establishment of national pavilions has been among China government's policies in the past three years with the aim of building communications links with different countries in various fields. The National Pavilion of Islamic Republic of Iran in Shanghai Free Trade Zone is now in the equipping phase in an area of 2500 square meters in 6 divisions and will begin to work afterwards.

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