Abiding by the legislation of Islamic Republic of Iran especially in regard to tourism industry.


Making plans based on the Association's policies, considering that the agencies' priority is to be active in inbound tourism according to the related legislation.


Mutual understanding and respect, and cooperation and consultation with the Board of Directors and other members of the Association in order to resolve potential problems.


Attempt to get information and update inbound tourism (based on international standards)


Avoidance of creating unhealthy competition and commitment to observe the price floor announced by Iran Tour Operators Association which is decided and determined through cooperation and consultation of the members.


Sincerity in providing information and services- including the announcement of prices, restrictions, services conditions in written contracts, and also announcing itinerary to customers.


Active participation in meetings for discussion and consultation in order to make collaborative decisions at the request of the Board of Directors.


Participation in regular, extra and urgent assemblies of Iran Tour Operators Association by invitation.


Participation in meetings, events and business trips at the discretion and invitation of the Board of Directors.


Commitment to enforce the enactments of the Assembly and the Board of Directors.


Commitment to pay the Association the entrance and annual membership fees.


Responsiveness to customer complaints (in case a complaint is received and followed up by the Association, I am responsible to resolve it.)