Iran-Korea Joint Seminar


Members of Iran Tour Operators  Association Attended Iran-Korea Joint Seminar
The first joint seminar on economic opportunities between Iran and South Korea was held to emphasize the cooperation of small and large companies of the two countries.
Pedram Soltani, the vice chairman of Iran Chamber, stated that Iranian and Korean companies can cooperate during the sanctions crisis. He added: "Iran paid a heavy price due to the imposed sanctions but found solutions to the challenges of the international community." He also referred to the international disputes in the coming decades and claimed that countries are seeking to increase their contribution to world trade and definitely it's time for newly emerged countries to increase their contribution to globalization and this is the main reason why developed countries including the US oppose globalization.
The vice chairman of Iran Chamber emphasized Iran Private Sector's interest in continuing commercial cooperations with their Korean partners in South Korea: "The economy of South Korea has developed since 50 years ago. This country overcame obstacles successfully and changed to a developed and industrial country in the world."
Soltani considered South Korea's economy as a perfect model for Iranian policymakers and the Private Sector and told: "The US government's current approach to Iran is not only a threat to Iran's economy but also a serious warning to the whole world as it threatens the global economic stability.

  • Iran-Korea Joint Seminar 1397/09/06
  • Iran-Korea Joint Seminar سمینار
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