ITOC held


ITOA  held  the world's tour operators conference


Iran Tour Operators Association held the first conference on 23-27 November 2008 in Iran International Conference Center, Tehran, where representatives from over 40 countries attended.

In the opening session of the conference Ebrahim Pourfaraj, the head of Board of Directors of Iran  Tour Operators Association and also the conference secretary, stated that introducing historical, cultural and natural attractions of Iran as a new tourism destination, and confirming the high status of Iran in international tourism, as well as exchanging ideas among Iranian and non-Iranian tour operators were among the goals of this international conference. 

"Holding this conference is a beginning of the interaction between Iran and other countries and thus the conference secretariat welcomes suggestions and opinions on how to improve and increase cooperation between Iran and other countries", he added.

The conference proceeded with the speech of the director of UNESCO's tourism sector who spoke about Cultural Heritage in general and the importance of preserving and safeguarding it throughout the world. Moreover, he said, "Iran has already won 45 UNESCO Award of Excellence for Handicrafts."

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