First Meeting on Iraq Market Held 

The first meeting on Iraq tourism market was held on 28 December 2017 in Khalij Fars hall -Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization- in which delegates from Iran Tour Operators Association and the private sector active in tourism industry attended.

In this meeting topics such as the second meeting of the technical committee previously held in Baghdad, Iraq public sector's activities in facilitating tourism business, passive presence of Iraq's governmental organizations in market and business, consideration of the high numbers of Shia Muslims in Iraq marketing, the undeniable importance of Iraq's tourism market in foreign currency import through pilgrimage and health tours, getting connected to the Iraq's tour operators in order to raise the number of inbound visitors, setting parameters to decrease the costs of traveling to Iran, studying the rival countries' strategies for Iraq market -such as prices being offered in Turkey, Egypt and Lebanon to attract visitors, Umrah Hajj packages (500 - 700 dollars) by Saudi Arabia, health tourism in Jordan and India, attracting Iraq's pilgrimage tourists to Syria, the necessity of presenting accurate information and statistics, effective management of exploitation of the economic capacities of Iraq market for Iran- were discussed. 

Among 9196000 Iranians who traveled abroad last year, 4229000 people traveled to Iraq and the rest visited Turkey, Azerbaijan, France, Italy, etc.

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